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Data Marketing Solutions operate a number of portfolios within the Consumer Insurance and Business Payment Processing sectors. Working to both Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and associated FP A regulations, DMS works with a number of partners to offer products and services within the above sectors.
DMS works as an ISO for products and services whilst directly financially underwriting many of the products and services within our portfolios.

We have a number of sizeable Industry Partners which we work closely with to offer the products and services outlined. We also work closely with a number of smaller Sales Operations in which we have Partnership Agreements to offer the products and services of DMS, using both Referral Arrangements and Residual Growth Models.


Portfolio Management

We work closely with Partners who embrace strategic growth across all of our sectors, assisting in Partners growing their own individual portfolios.

Optimisation of Profitability

We offer attractive commercials to all Partners, and predominantly short payment terms to assist smaller partners with Cashflow and Profitability. We understand the importance of mutually beneficial partnerships and we work closely with all of our Partners to ensure the Partnership thrives within the related sector.

Multiple Sales Channels

DMS works with a number of Sales Partners making use of a wide range of Sales Channels including Field Sales, Telecommunications, PPC Marketing and SEO, Mail SMS & Email Campaigns and many others.

Mutually Beneficial Relationships

DMS uses a number of white labelled brands specifically related to differing products and services to raise brand awareness and allow Partners to trade in different sectors using the same existing entity.

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